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Asherah Neveah


        SoverenPark Bohemian Rhapsody

                                                                                    DOB: 16.05.2016

                                                            DM, VW (clear) MDR1 carrier (not  affected)

                                                                                            Long Coat

                                                                               Hips 2.2  Elbows 0.0


Ivy is the first puppy we have kept from one of our own litters, she grabbed at our hearts from the moment she was born, She just had attitude about her, Ivy was a determined pup who also had a diva side, at a few weeks old we decided we couldn't part with her so she then became the future.


Ivy is a stunning girl who has a fun loving attitude, she loves racing around outside the house at speed, Ivy would swim all day if she could she just enjoys the water so much, Ivy absolutely loves people and loves showing off her toys.

Ivy is our pink ribbon girl from our 2016 little by Neigepearl Zac out of Soveren Park Bohemian Rhapsody

Ivy is registered with the  WSSDCA







                                                                                                                   DOB: 07.08.2014

                                                                                                                        Long Coat


                                                                    Hips- 3.4 Elbows- 0.0 DM clear, VW clear MDR1 carrier (not affected)

Neva (NEY-Vaa) is an absolutely gorgeous girl with a fun loving attitude, she is extremely affectionate and loves her family . Neva loves swimming in the dam, enjoys a game of fetch or just hanging out with her family, she is an extremely friendly girl  and has a beautiful nature.

Neva was shown as a youngster but she did not enjoy it at all so we chose to discontinue showing her.

Neva is registered with the ANKC  

Her dad is the gorgeous Eishund Seize The day "Zeus" & her Mum is the gorgeous Croatian import Ch Fantasy Od Bijelih Andela .


Mayflower Park


DOB: 18.07.2020

     Long Coat

DM & VW Clear MDR1 Carrier 

Hips 1.1 Elbows 0.0

Sage is an extremely sweet girl with a fun loving personality, she loves to play and run, Sage enjoys relaxing inside with her family, she is extremely gentle with a medium to high drive, Sage has a beautiful long coat and we look forward to watching her grow. Sage is registered with the White Swiss Shepherd Dog Club Of Australia.

Sages parents are Mayflower Park Kayla and Collabah Wolfgang Fire





DOB: 08.09.2018

     Long Coat

DM & VW Clear MDR1 TBA 

         Hips/Elbows TBA

Nova is our pink ribbon girl from the Spring Litter, she was my pick of the litter female, Her mum Is our beautiful girl Neva and her dad is our big handsome boy Cruze,

Nova is a stunning girl with a happy fun loving nature, she loves to play with her family and enjoys spending the days with her pack, Nova came back to us in 2021 due to training issues, we have seen nothing but an amazing girl with so much love to give, our plans for Nova were to find her a new loving family but we have decided due to her beautiful nature and attitude we will most likely incorporate her into our breeding program, Nova is registered with the White Swiss Shepherd Dog Club Of Australia.





DOB: 10.11.2021

     Long Coat

Keeva is an extremely special girl to us, She only weighed 210g when she was born and I bottle fed her so we got extremely bonded and I couldn't bring myself to home her with anyone else, Her parents are Ivy and Cruze.

Keeva is a fun loving out going character, she adores her family and pack especially Sage, she loves to play and also just relax, she gets so excited meeting new people she is so fun loving, we will assess Keeva for breeding when the time comes.

Dieux Blancs


                                                                                          DOB: 06/04/2008

                                                                                                                            Short Coat


                                                                   MDR1, DM & VW (clear) by parentage Hips 0:0, elbows 0:0 *Perfect* 

Rory is the most lovely girl when you get to know her, She loves her family and is a very beautiful girl who love having fun with the kids, but also enjoys relaxing with the Family Her temperament is very breed-typical, she has medium-high drive, and is loyal and affectionate.

Rory is registered with the WSSDCA 

                                                                                                         Sadly we lost our precious Rory on the 09.04.2019

                                                                                                               Our hearts are broken and we miss her daily


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