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About Us

Shane and I (Naomi) had grown up with German Shepherds throughout our childhood, they were a huge part of our lives and we had always admired the White Shepherd, So when it came time for us to purchase our own White Shepherd we came across Neigepearl White Shepherds, un aware at the time the White German Shepherd were now known as White Swiss Shepherds so we welcomed Rory in 2012 she was already 4 years old and in need of rehoming she clicked with our family straight away. In 2013 we welcomed another rehomed white into our family Neigepearl Zac who was to become our future stud dog.

We are a small family of 4 our children are Jordan and Annaleise, we live on 10 acres and also have access to another 10 acres beside us which gives our beautiful dogs room to run at home, we own Arabian horses and enjoy showing them and occasionally breeding a foal for ourselves, our dogs enjoy playing at home, swimming in the dam, exploring and swimming in the bush/river that we have just down the road, we also enjoy spending time down the beach and the dogs really enjoy that,

the most important thing is our dogs are our family they enjoy all aspects of family life and live in and outside our home, our dogs have been to obedience, social days even trips to Bunnings  and horse shows, we tried out dogs shows and unfortunately our beautiful girl Neva despised showing so much I couldn't bare to make her go through that so she enjoyed obedience for a while and loves just hanging out with her family.

our life is built around our animals and we wouldn't have it any other way, our Shepherds bring us so much joy they are the most loving and loyal family members we could ask for. We are constantly finding new ways to improve our property for the comfort of our animals.

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